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HAPA advocates for reproductive justice in Indiana. HAPA invites your organization to join the coalition. Together we can ensure that the voice for access to comprehensive health care and privacy is not silenced in Indiana.

Each member organization may appoint two representatives to participate (in person or virtually) in regularly scheduled meetings. When the Indiana General Assembly is in session, proposed legislation related to reproductive health is identified and discussed. The coalition then decides actions to take. Representatives are strongly encouraged to share pertinent information and actions of HAPA with their individual members. By joining and working together, a powerful and effective voice is created, to educate and advocate to the public, the coalition members, and policy makers for the reproductive health care needs of all Hoosiers.

Meetings were moved to the Zoom format for 2021 and will continue in this way until such times that the member organizations choose otherwise. This format allows for greater participation of member representatives from across the state.

Though member organizations are aligned on many issues related to reproductive health care and privacy in Indiana, each decides the extent of its advocacy through HAPA. Member organizations are free to act independently and are also free not to participate in the actions of the coalition.

HAPA leaders are available to speak to your organization about the specifics of its current activities. Complete the membership form and send it to the HAPA P.O. Box along with the $25 annual dues.

Thank you for considering joining HAPA and lending your voice in reproductive justice education and advocacy for the residents of Indiana.

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