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Since 1989, HAPA has advocated to strengthen reproductive health and secure access for reproductive health services while protecting the rights and privacy of individuals.

The member organizations have come together in recognition that reproductive choice comprises more than protecting access to safe and legal abortion. Real choices include access to contraception, medically accurate and age-appropriate sexuality education, regular healthcare visits, and acceptance and support of personal and private decisions of individuals, communities, and families.

HAPA advocates that all reproductive choices be maintained and strengthened in Indiana to improve the quality of life for Hoosiers.

Work toward this mission continues with the cooperation of like-minded Indiana organizations through educating and advocating for Hoosier individuals, families, and policy makers.

This coalition includes civic, educational, religious, professional, and health organizations from across the state of Indiana. Each organization addresses a wide range of issues which may overlap with respect to supporting access to reproductive health care and reproductive justice. See a list of member organizations. See information about how your group can join.

HAPA Principles

Health. We believe that all communities and families have the right to quality health care and a safe and secure environment free of discrimination and violence. We believe that access to contraception and medically accurate sexuality education is paramount for the residents of Indiana.

Access. We believe that all Hoosiers have the right to receive appropriate, quality reproductive health care and a full range of medically accurate sexuality information. Access includes but not limited to regular medical appointments to screen for sexually transmitted diseases or cancer, vaccinations regardless of income, and the unhindered dispensing of contraception.

Privacy. We believe that individuals have the right to access and acquire contraception and a safe, legal abortion without moral judgment. These choices are private and need to remain so.

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